Video: #Jolla reminded us how wonderful #Sailfish OS is

The one of the unlike companies we can see today, Jolla, published an introduction video about its unique product, Sailfish OS. If you are by some chance not acquainted with the Sailfish OS, it is the mobile OS that just got a chance (thx to the Microsoft) to become the third option for all of those that are willing to try something new other than Android, iOS or Windows 10 Mobile. One nice thing about this video is the mention of the Sailfish roots in Nokia, or better say MeeGo OS.

There are numerous things that are great about Sailfish, one thing for sure is ability to run Android apps. Another thing is the versatility of the OS. You can see it on different screen diagonals, from smart watches to smart TV’s. The only thing troubling Sailfish ecosystem is the lack of available hardware, but there is a chance that will change in near future.