New Nokia Xpress Music / Originals feature phone revealed by TENAA

A new Nokia feature phone was certified by TENAA in China on February 15. TENAA’s certification process now shows pictures of the device under the model number TA-1212 that looks familiar. The new device is a feature phone, very likely a S30+ based judging from some of the known specifications.

TENAA shows a classic device with keyboard with two red stripes around the screen, reminding a lot of Nokia Xpress Music series of phones. It looks really similar to Nokia 5310, but without the dedicated media control buttons. The specs include 8MB of RAM, 16MB of internal storage and a 2.4″ TFT screen. Other specifications include a 1200mAh battery and 360Mhz SoC.


Here is the list of specifications:

  • Model: TA-1212, Dual SIM
  • Dimensions: 123.75×52.43×13.1 mm
  • Mass: 88 g
  • Display: 2.4 inch, 240×320
  • Processor: 0.36GHz
  • Memory: 8 MB/ internal 16 MB + 32 GB over SD card
  • Camera: 0.3MP
  • Battery: 1200 mAh
  • Keyboard: T9

We previously heard that Nokia Mobile was preparing a feature phone that shares design lines with the Nokia Xpress Music series. We are not sure if this device will carry the Xpress Music brand or what name will it have at all, but sure does look like the legendary 5310 that was released back in 2007.