Nokia Mobile planted 133,500 trees thanks to X20 sales?

To make the announcement of the new X series Nokia phones, Nokia Mobile partnered with Ecologi and made it a goal to plant trees for every purchased device. For every Nokia X10, Nokia G10 or Nokia G20, Ecologi would plant 10 trees, and with every X20 sold, 20 new trees would be seeded. A campaign such as this is available in major markets of the EU like the UK, Ireland, Italy, France, and Austria, and it has helped plant 151,624 trees in forests around the world, which will reduce 7T of carbon from the atmosphere.

Nokia Mobile bragged on social networks about planting over 133,500 trees with sales of Nokia X20 which means that the company sold just 6675 devices in major EU markets. It’s not a large number for their current best in offer. According to the Ecologi page, Nokia devices sold so far have planted 151,624 trees, which means the rest of the Nokia devices have planted only 18124 trees. These numbers could be also used as a direction for the management of Nokia Mobile.

While the sales numbers of the latest Nokia X series could be better, I like the idea behind this marketing venture. Since the classic business model is based on constant growth, thus the use of Earth’s resources, we should think about giving something back to the only habitable environment that we currently know.