Huawei denies ongoing talks to have Harmony OS on new Nokia smartphones

Yesterday, a rumor hit the mill that an upcoming Nokia smartphone might use Huawei’s new Harmony OS2.0, at least in China. No Google services are allowed in China and Harmony OS on smartphones shares the same foundation with Android, so being part of that ecosystem in the Chinese market, at least to me, makes sense, but Huawei officially denied that this is going to happen.


The rumor that mentioned Harmony on the upcoming Nokia X60 (Pro) flagship, also included info like a 200MP rear camera, 6000mAh batter or 144Hz display that should be packed into the device. Global Times reached out to Huawei for a comment on the rumor that an upcoming Nokia device will run Harmony, and the Chinese tech giant said that the reports are false.

Harmony or no Harmony, at least the specs of the rumored Nokia X60 sound interesting. We’ll have to wait and see if Nokia Mobile will decide to release a higher end phone.