Nokia X on official renders + poll about the notch

In case you have forgotten, a week ago Nokia Mobile did a 6-day event in China presenting the history of Nokia phones and all the new devices to the Chinese public. They also included an unannounced device, called Nokia X by official posters, probably to attract more visitors and build hype for the upcoming official announcement scheduled for 16th May. The only thing we know about the device for sure, is the design, that features the notch.

Official poster

Official renders

On official weibo accounts, Nokia Mobile and shared more photos (posted above) of the upcoming Nokia X. goes even further, and organizes a competition where the prizes include money and Nokia X. You can check the poster of the competition Suning organizes down below.

On the Chinese social network Baidu, under the Nokibar forum, a user posted comparison shots of Nokia X alongside the Nokia 7 plus. The X is rumored to feature a 5.8-inch display and it looks noticeably more compact than the 6-inch Nokia 7 plus, even though the difference of 0.2-inches in screen size isn’t big. A quick video of the device was also posted on Baidu, and reposted on YouTube by Slashleaks.


Nokia 7 plus and Nokia X front
Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia X back

Considering that the only thing we know for sure about Nokia X is that it features a notch, it wouldn’t be fair to judge the whole device based just on the photos coming from China. We can, and must judge the way it looks, and overall it is a pretty device looking at the back and sides, but that notch really doesn’t look as a natural evolution of smartphone design. I just want to point out how an unreleased low end Nokia device solved that problem on the top bezel. The photos follow down below.

The downside of the above solution for the notch is a bigger bezel under the screen and the placement of the front camera below the screen. Maybe that’s a worse solution than the notch?

A series of devices with the notch that were quite well received, at least in Europe, was the latest Huawei P20 series. Huawei claims record reception for the series in Europe, regardless of the fact that all P20 devices feature the notch. The additional value Huawei offers with the devices, like the camera on P20 Pro, exceeds the, by some, design degradation the notch causes.

I personally don’t have anything against HMD making an experimental X series of devices where they can combine different design/tech solutions and features and gather feedback on different devices in different markets. I mind a bit that the design “experiment” is one we already saw on other devices. However, until I use the device in real life and use it for a few days, I cannot say if a notch is a pro or a con, even though, at first sight, it doesn’t look as something worth implementing on a device, or to base a whole device around it. We will know more about the Nokia X after 16th of May, when the device should be announced.

Down below you can find a simple poll we made, asking you what do you think about the idea of a notch on a Nokia device? Is it a good solution if it has a purpose? Would you buy such device? Do you even care about the notch on a device? As always, we welcome your thoughts about this topic in the comments down below.  🙂


Would you buy a Nokia device with a notch?

Yes, don’t care about the notch if the device is worth the money
No, I cannot stand the notch no matter what
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Source(s): Weibo – Nokia, Suning; Baidu – Nokibar