Camera samples from #Nokia 5 and #Nokia 3310 (GSMArena)

When Nokia 6 first showed up in Chinese market, everyone was eager to know what quality are the photos taken by that model. Fortunately, they turned out to be just great for the price range, if not perfect. There are some things to discuss though, but in general we can be happy with the result.

Nokia has just presented three other mobile phones, Nokia 5, 3 and legendary Nokia 3310 once again, and guys from GSMArena took the camera of the first and the latter phone for a spin. It was a short spin but proved that camera quality is also great with Nokia 5. Nokia 5 has 13 MP rear camera and 8 MP front facing camera for taking selfies. Photo of the rear was taken at bright day light is sharp and the colours are nicely defined. The photo from the FFC camera was taken in the same conditions and is also nice, crisp with nice colour representation.

Camera samples from Nokia 5

Camera of the Nokia 3310 (this sounds strange!) is a 2 MP one, and surprisingly takes good enough photos. One cannot expect supreme shots taken with 2MP camera, but this are pretty decent for the purpose of quick information sharing. But hey, Nokia 3310 takes photos? 🙂


Camera samples from Nokia 3310