Disassembly video of Nokia 8.1/Nokia X7

I kind of love it when we at Nokiamob are still waiting for a Nokia 8.1 review unit, and there is someone willing to sacrifice one for the purpose of shooting a disassembly video. But, I don’t mind it since I am a fan of disassembly videos and I don’t need to do the same to the review unit :).
Nokia X7 or Nokia 8.1 is also one of those smartphones where the back glass is just glued to the aluminum frame. I think that JerryRigevErything will be able to make it transparent. When you take the back off, there is an additional 11 screws that need to be loosened so you could finally start taking the parts out. This is good since those screws are connecting all the elements tightly to the aluminum frame which is the main reason for the great structural integrity of this phone.
There is plenty of room for the battery to expand and it seems rather easy to replace it since it is easily accessible and glued with the magic strip that repairman just needs to pull out. The hardest part of disassembly seems to be the taking of the back glass.

Check out the video below to get acquainted with the internals of your Nokia 8.1/Nokia X7


The same channel also posted disassembly videos of Nokia 3.1, Nokia 2.1 and Nokia 8 Sirocco so check them out if you like.