#Jolla is ready for #MWC2017

It is nice to see that Jolla is prepping itself for MWC2017, and seems like they have a lot to show. Their booth is situated in Hall 5, close to the HMD’s booth, which is situated outside the Hall 3. Hall 3 and 5 are just across each other.  Jolla is planning to announce future plans about their main product, Sailfish OS. The announcement will be held at the Fira Congress Hotel, on Monday, February 27, at 12:00. If you are interested in meeting with the Jolla guys, send your request to partners@jolla.com.

I’m not sure if some new Sailfish smartphone will be announced, but whoever visits Jolla’s booth will probably be able to see Intex, Turing or some other smartphone running their OS.