WhatsApp for Nokia S40 phones supported till December 31, 2018

Nokia 515 – the last S40 device

If you’ve been following the mobile tech news lately, you might have landed on an article warning Windows Phone 8.0 and BlackBerry 10/OS users that Whatsapp is ending the support for these platforms with the end of this year. Most Windows Phone 8.0 devices in use are Nokia-branded, and I think most of these devices can be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.1. If you’re a Nokia WP8 users, and use Whatsapp, keep in mind that the app could stop working with the end of this year, and a software, or preferably hardware update to new Nokia Android smartphones could be needed for normal Whatsapp usage.

A good news comes for users of Nokia S40 device, that are still quite popular. Whatsapp support for S40 devices will end after 31st December 2018, so S40 owners have a whole year to think about their migration to another platform that supports Whatsapp. For such users, HMD made the Nokia 2 and Nokia 3, as the entry devices to the smartphone world. We lately heard something about Nokia 1, that should further blur the (price) line between smartphones and feature phones, but HMD is also preparing 4G feature phones, or better to say Nokia 3310 4G that could support Whatsapp and other messaging services, but it’s all classified under rumors for now.

An interesting fact is that the last S40 device was released in 2013, a week before Nokia announced the sales of the Devices and Services division to Microsoft. I had the honour of reviewing the Nokia 515 (on our Croatian blog here, for those interested), and thus far I didn’t see a better looking or better made feature phone, even though it is a little unfair to call an S40 device a feature phone, because it had some quite smart features for the time – well, everything besides WiFi.

Source: Whatsapp