Photos of an old #Nokia (Lumia) prototype device emerged

While we are constantly looking forward for new stuff, it is good occasionally slow down and take a look at some past devices which can still tell an interesting story, or two. Internet spat out some new photos of an really old prototype Nokia device, and we can assume the age by the first Windows Phone logo on the control buttons. The device isn’t a beautiful princess, more like a beast (but not in specs), but it resembles upon Lumia 620 in some basic shapes. And, speaking of the shapes, these proto devices show us how the design of the future devices came to be. Rounded edges, flat sides and position of the camera are present in future device, and you can even notice some of it in the latest Nokia 6.

Check out the gallery:

The name of the device is not known, just the code, Nokia id310, and it was probably used for some internal demoes. It is quite interesting to see that this device came with nfc chip (or kind of Wireles Charging coil). Also, I love the way the camera LED is sorted out, mounted on the back case. That would make the space for LED improvements, but it would also raise the price of cases.

Still wonder what happened with the camera button, since this old prototype had it, and almost every Lumia device till Microsoft era started. It can be practical to start the camera with a click on the button, but if it’s not nicely done, it can be a disturbance while taking the photos.

UPDATE – Thanks to our readers, we found that this Nokia proto is actually Nokia Dogbone, or a device that is good enough for playing around and showing Os capabilities. Phone like this one was used by Joe Belfiore to demonstrate WP8 (photo below).


Thanks Jakub 🙂