Video: Nokia and Telia to offer 5G gateways in Finland

When we were snooping around the Nokia booth at the MWC19, I was only able to see Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 and Beacon.

Apparently, Nokia launched a new beacon which is actually a 5G gateway for industries and households. Nokia refers to it as a Fast Mile 5G gateway which is meant for 4G-5G Fixed Wireless Access, and currently only for the Finnish market. The Gateway is built on the familiar design of Nokia Beacon 3, but it brings a bit different hardware features like a small display which will guide the user with visual cues for better installation.

It has 4G/5G radio uplink, Wi-Fi router, and 4 ethernet ports so you can use it as an outdoor receiver and indoor gateway. Nokia Gateway also supports 4G so you can enjoy in the 100s of Mb/s internet speeds, but once sub-6 GHz 5G network is available, you can easily switch to it. The price of this beacon is not available yet. Hopefully, Elisa will share something in the future, because Nokia folks are keeping it all a secret.

Check out the promo video.

Source Telia / Nokia