Rumors: Nokia G11, G21, and Nokia 2760 Flip coming soon?

If you thought that Santa’s workshop will be only one working full steam this holiday season in Finland, you might be wrong. Just like Santa, the Finnish maker of Nokia phones might be preparing new devices that we will probably see in the New Year.


In a tweet from @evleaks, the well known leaker identified some of the previously codenamed Nokia devices with their supposed commercial name. Evleaks identified the device known as Shadowcat to be the Nokia G11. The Nokia G21 is also in the pipeline, with a codename Shadowcat Plus. A new device from Nokia Original series might be incoming as well, as Nokia Weekend might be released as the new Nokia 2760 Flip.

Last month images of four unreleased Nokia devices have leaked, and some of them might be the mentioned G11 and G21. The leaked devices have unusual model names. Previously, the model names started with TA and had a 4 digit number after, but the model names of these devices are: N151DL, N150DL, N1530DL and N152DL.

In any case, new devices might be coming our way. Maybe not this year, but early next year for sure. They do seem to be on the lower end of the spectrum again, but hopefully Nokia Mobile does plan some higher end (above S480 SoC) devices as well for 2022.