Nokia puts the world on the path to 6G with 5G Advanced

Our communications technology, like all other things in this world, is evolving. The new 5G standard brings higher speeds and greater complexity to networks, allowing more data to be streamed. However, with constant technological advancements and improvements such as autonomous robots, improved logistics and driverless cars, as well as the need for precise location and timing services, improved networks are needed.

Last year Nokia has unveiled a 5G Advanced, the next evolutionary step in 5G technology. This new and improved network aims to realize the full potential of 5G while paving the way for 6G, which will connect digital and physical data. We had the same thing with 4G, when many network companies developed 4.9G to ease the transition to 5G. Simply put, 5G Advanced is to 5G what 4.9G is to 4G.

The new standard should help us power extended reality XR applications that will bring meaning to the metaverse. In addition, improved 5G network connectivity should reach remote industrial and residential areas that cannot be reached by terrestrial networks. Improved networks should also further optimize energy efficiency by simplifying traffic management.

Check out an interesting video Nokia posted on Youtube that explains it all very well.

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