#Nokia & #Facebook break subsea records; 90,000 km of optics deployed in #India for #Jio

Nokia and Facebook joined forces and successfully completed multiple submarine field trials over a Facebook-owned cable connecting New York and Ireland. Nokia Bell Labs technology increased the transmission capacity of the cable by 2.5 times. Read more here.

  • Nokia and Facebook successfully completed multiple submarine field trials over a 5,500 km submarine cable between New York and Ireland
  • This submarine field trial of Nokia Bell Labs’ new probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS) technology used shaped 64-QAM, which achieved a record spectral efficiency of 7.46 b/s/Hz and increased the stated capacity of the system by almost 2.5 times
  • The test also included a successful 11,000 km round trip submarine transmission using shaped 64-QAM achieving a record spectral efficiency of 5.68 b/s/Hz and a first demonstration of 200 Gb/s and 250 Gb/s wavelengths and 16-QAM modulation over a transatlantic submarine route using a real-time coherent DSP


In India, Nokia deployed 90,000km of optical cables for the operator Jio, making it one of the biggest 100G deployments in the world. Read more about this news here.

  • Nokia optical deployment covers over 90,000 km across India in one of the biggest and fastest-growing 100G deployments in the world
  • Solution allows Jio to dramatically boost capacity and speed of its network and ensures more reliable service for its customers
  • Pan-India network supports government’s Digital India vision