Qualcomm: The stories about Nokia 8 are not accurate

After the recent news about the alleged HMD’s flagship Nokia 8, that was allegedly at CES as a Qualcomm Reference Design model for Snapdragon 835, crated a lot of buzz across the media, Qualcomm’s PR division officially stated for NokiaMob that the Nokia 8 reports are not accurate. They said that they cannot provide the name of the manufacturer, but that the device is certainly not Nokia 8.

Of course Qualcomm couldn’t confirm the existence of a still unannounced device, but they are aware of the situation, and they deny the information Total Tech has provided.

Leaks: #Nokia8 (code Supreme) comes with Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM, 5.7″ 2K SAMOLED Display, amazing 24MP camera with OIS and EIS… *UPDATED*

  • Rce

    So,the fake youtuber tried to get the popularity on the basis of Nokia brand name ,shit happens every where.. -_-

    • Yes, unfortunately. But Qualcomm just said that particular device isn’t Nokia 8, and there is still a question about who produced that rwfferent devices? Ha ha. Just joking, it is not Nokia (HMD). Probably.

      • Rce

        My Nokia flagship 🙁
        Bdw great job guys for revealing the actual truth..:)

  • Total Tech

    HMD manufactured the device for Qualcomm. Period. When it gets released at MWC watch how many sites say oops.
    This also happened when I leaked the Moto x pure, Moto denied it and it was exactly as leaked.
    Notice Qualcomm says they do not talk about who manufactures their hardware…… they didn’t lie. They said NOKIA didn’t build it….. we know HMD is the actual manufacturer.
    I’d shoot them and email and follow up with that. I bet you get an interesting response.

    Just saying

    But if not when the cards are on the table and I’m right again…. I hope this site has the credibility to say so.
    Have a good one

    • We will apologize if you are correct. In fact, we hope you are right 🙂

    • I commented on your video, but can’t leave a pic so here a screenshot of my question https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7265e38721e37ec55dcd533a9321fd64e0b9801ae960bdd5ec0bacf4d1b1f665.png

      • Total Tech

        Let’s see if they respond. See what the media or press or whatever a lot of these sites want to call themselves. Qualcomm doesn’t actually manufacture the hardware at all. Someone built it for them, and the person I spoke with as I said several times before was Nokia new hardware partner.
        I’m willing to bet Qualcomm won’t address that at all. But when the Nokia 8 drops at MWC and looks somewhat similar to this. It will be interesting to see if everyone comes back and says I was right.
        I know they all that the same thing when I leaked the Moto x pure. Then it came exactly as I showed and nope no one said a thing. So we will see

        • That was my original question. They/She responded with the answer in the article.

          • Total Tech

            Right but it was asked if NOKIA made the handsets. Which technically they did not.
            The question should have more been phrased who made them. As it would be Nokia hardware partner HMD not Nokia. So technically the woman wasn’t lying to you.
            Same for BlackBerry using TCL, when reporters pushed blackberrys ceo about mercury he stated BlackBerry had no phones in manufacturing. And he was right, as TCL aka Alcatel was making it.

            Asking Qualcomm if Nokia made the reference hardware was not the correct question and hence leaves Qualcomm room to BS you in response.
            I’d ask directly if HMD is their partner

          • I asked who made the devices, not if Nokia made. Don’t know where did you get the info that the question was “Did Nokia made…”

    • We always give credit for stuff we didn’t find or shot at first time. But this timw Qualcomm is right, it is not Nokia 8 as you stated, but reference device Qualcomm is using.
      However, they didnt stated who manufactured those devices for them, so leaving some space for thing you are saying and Nokia fans wanting.
      So, we will not apologize about anything, but just give you credit 😁.