#Jolla’s #Sailfish OS is the official OS of Russia



In the aftermath of Nokia selling the Devices and services business, Jolla started its journey at the restless seas of mobile phone industry. This Finnish startup company emerged from people that were building MeeGo OS and by now already legendary Nokia N9. Jolla has been struggling to find the safe harbour for her boat and it finally did in Russia, which embraced the Sailfish OS as an official Os for governmental and government controlled companies. Sailfish OS is licensed and developed by the Russian local company Open Mobile Platform, which will further develop and customize the OS to the needs of the Russian market.

Jolla found her niche in the BRICS countries, what is the abbreviation for Brazil, Russia, India, China and SAR. Jolla managed to find hardware partners in Indian company Intex, which is already selling sailfish based phones, Fairphone and Turing robotics.

 It is good to mention that currently Jolla started discussions with China and South Africa to build local mobile OS ecosystems.

More info about the deal with Russia you can find in the official statement.