Nokia WiFi app quicker with the latest update

Nokia WiFi is one of the best products Nokia made since the Steel HR watch, which is now again part of Withings. Beacons 1, 3, and the latest one 6, can be controlled over web UI or the Nokia WiFi app, which was super slow to start in its early beginnings. With the latest update, Nokia finally improved the start-up time, and the app now performs much quicker. If you need to tune up some specific details of your home WiFi network, you’ll have to use the web UI, but for the basic setup and control, the Nokia WiFi app is a great tool.

Besides the great under the hood improvements of the app, the latest version of the WiFi app got the ability to configure VLAN for the VAN port, better Beacon placement guidance, some minor UI enhancements and support for the Turkish language.

If you are a happy user of the Nokia WiFi Beacons, do go to the Google Play Store, or Apple store, and update the Nokia WiFi application.