Android 13 is only found on 12% of devices

Nokia G50 – Android 13

Not so many Nokia devices have received the latest Android OS version and many users have become a bit nervous about it. However, it seems that not so many other manufacturers have released Android 13 for their devices either.

Google has finally addressed the Android nation after months of silence regarding the distribution of its popular smartphone OS. Apparently, the latest Android 13 has only reached 12% of eligible devices in the first 6 months since its release. Three months ago, this percentage was 5%, so the number of updated devices has more than doubled. However, if we look at the percentage of other Android OS versions, the current distribution of Android 13 is not that great.

The Android world is quite fragmented and the reason for that could be the longer lifespan of the devices or the cost for manufacturers to update all their released devices (especially the low-end ones). Interestingly, Android 11 is the most used OS version with a share of 23% in the Android world.

Nokia Mobile has only updated a handful of devices to Android 13. The list is growing, but only slowly. So far, the Nokia devices with Android 13 are the Nokia X10, Nokia X20, Nokia XR20, Nokia G50 and Nokia G20.

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