@Withings offered some nice price drops on their products. #BlackFriday


Black Friday is just another casual Friday with some crazy sale prices stamped on favorite products. Nokia’s Withings played along and lowered the prices of their products on web shop, from 20% up to the 70%. The cheapest and already sold was baby monitor and lowest price drop was on Thermo, the smart temporal thermometer which you can still get for 79.96€.  Maybe it is worth to mention that ActivitePop’s new price is 89.97€. Check out the offers on Withings.com.


There is another thing I noticed there, just under the Withings logo now there is written “Part of Nokia”. We have already mentioned that Nokia is planning to transform its health business and this is just the first part. By the end of 2017. We will probably see Nokia branded smartwatches and other health gadgets which is not so bad.