Happy New Year dear all!!!

Happy New Year dear all! May 2020 be a healthy year, one among many more to come, filled with happiness, understanding, and love. Stay reasonable, and connected with the world through your Nokia phone, and of course Nokiamob. This place wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for you, dear readers, that are coming here to check for news from the Nokia world, who are shaping this place with comments and tips. Thank you for that!

The year 2019 was a rough year for Nokia Mobile, but it was also a significant one. It marked a change in the business and showed us a potential new way that Nokia phones are going, a way that should bring this story closer to the Nokia roots. Nokia 9 PureView was a statement that Nokia Mobile can create a proper flagship phone and bring to the market new and innovative camera technology. The only problem was that the phone came a year later than supposed to, so it suffered from an older processor and fingerprint scanner. Then Nokia 7.2 happened which showed that Nokia mobile will bring Nokia phones more to the roots, by designing a phone that looks and feels like a Nokia smartphone from 5 or more years ago but brings modern concepts inside.

Again we saw too many affordable phones being announced, but those phones are crucial for the expansion of the Nokia brand.
Anyway, the year 2020 should bring us a proper affordable smartphone Nokia 8.2 (or whatever the name it will carry) that should be the most affordable but yet premium 5G phone. A new version of the Nokia 9 PV should be announced also, and we could be seeing more of the Nordic design being applied to the Nokia phones. I still hope to see the Nokia accessories being available in stores, and sent for a review together with Nokia phones 🙂

On the other hand, Nokia is doing well. The Finns got numerous 5G deals, made their software solutions better and came back to the consumer market with Beacons and Nokia Smart TV (in India only). The brand licensing strategy is going well for now, and we are hoping to see more products available for consumers.

Anyway, the new year will be also an interesting one for Nokia fans around the world, and Nokiaobsters. We’ll try to follow Nokia at all the major events, but definitely will be at MWC2020 to check for new Nokia products.
On behalf of all the Nokiamob team, I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.

Happy New Year!!!