@Nokia and #EE tested network coverage using drones


Nokia and telecommunication operator EE were testing 4G signal coverage of EE’s network. Testing like this is kind of random job for network technicians, but when it’s done with drones, than it is material for new and this blog also. Nokia connected its Flexi Zone Pico station to the drone so technicians could measure 4G signal coverage on rough terrain. The advantage of Nokia’s Flexi Zone Pico station is in her weight of just 2 kg, so it is suitable for mounting on service drones. Drone testing showed that EE can provide high speed internet over its network, up to 150 Mbps data throughput for high quality LTE voice calls and video streaming to.

Nokia has been previously working with drones for purpose of testing networks, and while doing that it was interesting to see Nokia logo on them. Hope Nokia will in the future present its own drone, just to satisfy fans all around the world. Well, I know this is not how you do business, by satisfying fans,  so let’s just leave drones for signal coverage testing (for now!).