Even Chinese #Uhans uses #Nokia to cleverly promote its newest phone

uhans 101

We all know that Nokia still believes that her name is valuable in smartphone business, since later this year we’ll probably see two new Nokia branded smartphones. But other companies also recognized profit in Nokia’s name, like Chinese smartphone brand UHANS, who dedicated its new Android phone to one of the bestselling Nokia devices, Nokia 1100. When you see the design of Uhans 101, unexperienced Nokia fan can conclude that they didn’t copy the looks of Nokia 1100, but are trying to present their phone as trusty, sturdy, durable, simple and great value for money, as once Nokia 1100 was. Actually, it is just nicely done commercial since they are using Nokia’s name for marketing purpose. What is important here is that they still see potential of using the Nokia branding for placing their cheap Android phone to the market. Not so many Nokia fans will grab this price acceptable phone, but probably some people will.


Just to mention Uhans 101 specs since they cleverly used space at our pages:

  • Screen: 5-inch display
  • Processor: Quad-core MediaTek?
  • Software: Android 6.0
  • Price: less than $70?

Just to conclude, Nokia wouldn’t go back to phone business if there wasn’t any profit for her. It’s normal to be careful and come back with relatively no risks trough HMDGlobal, but one thing is in stake, Nokia’s name. So they will be very well included in the whole process of coming back to the market.

We wish all the best to Uhans 🙂