Nice video review of Nokia 5.3 done by Abodesta

Over the past few years, I would follow some Youtube creators that make interesting videos that are Nokia related. There is a lot of great mainstream creators, but back in the days of Lumia, I liked to see a review done by Matthias Burling or cinematic videos taken by Christopher Westerholm. I also like the Concept Creator for his great concept videos of Nokia models or WillItBeatNokia for nice comparisons, but I also like the energy and classic Nokia emotion that Abodesta breathes in his videos. Abodesta did a review of Nokia 5.3, and it is pretty much objective, with obvious emotion about the brand, but also gives an approach of a buyer which is weighing the pros and cons of the phone, since he is about the spend amount of his earnings, his heartbeats. If you have 10 minutes to spare, I do recommend watching this nice review.

After seeing his review I could summarize it up by saying that Nokia 5.3 has a nice and sturdy build that reminds of a more expensive phone. The display is not so great, but it is still usable. The Google dedicated button should be remappable, and software polished a bit more, but the phone can be used as a daily driver. The cameras of the phone seem to be doing a great job when there is nice daylight, but they struggle in low light. The main camera seems to me rather competent for the class.

The only issue for me is the price. If Nokia Mobile sets it high, then this phone might not have great sales results, but f they set it right, it could be the king of mid-range budget phones.