Nokia Mobile temporarily suspending its service in India due to the Covid-19 outbreak

India is the second most populated country, and its government is fighting hard to stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2 among the population. Starting from March 24, the whole country will go in complete lockdown for the next 21 days to stop the spread of the virus and try to ease the load of the healthcare workers like it is being done elsewhere in the world.
Anyway, following the government decision, Nokia Mobile is suspending its operations in India and is unable to fulfill orders and other services anymore. Nokia Mobile stated that this measure is not permanent, of course, and that they will be back in business as soon as they can.

This is what they said:

In light of administration directives around the Covid-19 outbreak, we are unable to fulfill any orders and the service is suspended. It will be our effort to resume at the earliest, we regret the inconvenience. Stay safe in the meantime.

All the Nokia phones at the official webshop and Flipkart are shown as out of the stock, which they probably are since it is rather hard to move goods now when the restrictions to transporting of goods are announced or already ongoing.
Well, Nokia’s phones might be out of stock, but we’ll be stockpiling posts about Nokia here, so do stop by and visit what we are writing. It is safe, completely CoV-2 free :).

Cheers NokiaMob Lover for the tip 😉