Video: Nokia 3310 4G hands-on by Nokibar

Nokibar published a hands-on video of the Chinese Nokia 3310 4G and demonstrated how some things, not common for the feature phone by the way, are working. Even though close to one seventh of the population will understand what is being said on the video, the rest of the world can just enjoy in the scenes full of the good-looking Nokia 3310. Nokibar also used last year’s regular 3310 in the video and compared it with the 4G version. You can see how the first iteration looks slim and great in yellow.

Additionally, Nokibar demonstrated the WiFi sharing capability of the latest 3310 and it achieved 16 Mbps of download and 1.3 Mbps upload which in probably not its full capacity but rather the speed of the used mobile network.

Check out the video below.