*UPDATE* Internal doc reveals Nokia Mobile’s dedication to Google and indicate existence of Nokia 10

Nokia Mobile is one of Google’s favorite smartphone partners. HMD Global, the startup behind Nokia Mobile, received a direct investment this summer from Google and partners, with almost all Nokia smartphones being part of the Android One program. Nokia Mobile plans to stay Google’s favorite, as an internal document sent to us reveals. The same document also indicated that we might see a Nokia 10 down the road.

Because of the sensitivity of the document, we won’t show it fully, but only in parts and write about what the rest says. One of the first interesting things from the docs is that HMD Global still has the goal to become one of the top 3 smartphone players in the next 3 to 5 years. As someone who follows the return of Nokia smartphones since the beginning in 2016, I remember that the same goal was communicated back then.

There is a huge emphasis on Google, technology and services Google provides. One of the sentences says that Nokia phones are Pixels for every price category and that “Google provides 95% of our innovation”. Later it is said that HMD must become the best and preferred Google partner, and to achieve that they need to master the Google offer.

One section also shows the responsibility Nokia and HMD have in their brand licensing agreement. Nokia’s responsibility includes setting guidelines, requirements and policies in regards to product quality, marketing, but also safety and human rights with regards to production of Nokia phones. Nokia can also stop any product or activity that breaches the brand requirements. HMD on the other hand handles the business of developing, producing, marketing and selling Nokia phones, and has to follow Nokia’s brand requirements.

Interesting enough, there is also a section about live events and organizing the events that says “Don’t compare our products to competition“. The listed key markets Nokia Mobile is focused to win include (in this order): India, China, Russia, Indonesia, UK, Germany, South Africa, Mexico and the USA.

The document also has a section prohibiting commenting on rumors about Nokia 10. “Nokia 10” is the only mentioned device in that regard in the doc, which leads me to believe the phone is real. Will the Nokia 9 PureView successor be called Nokia 10 instead of Nokia 9.3? Maybe the Nokia 10 will be the ultimate Nokia flagship we all have been waiting for? Time will tell.


Update 29.10.2020. – Nokia mobile (HMD Global) has sent an official statement over their PR agency that after doing the internal checkup, the leaked promotional material is not real.