Rumors: #Nokia (8) #P1 (again) to come with Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM, ZEISS lens…


After the recent information about an alleged Nokia 8, HMD’s flagship device that allegedly appeared on CES, created a big buzz on the web, here comes some more un-verified information about the upcoming Nokia flagship, this time called the P1. We repeat that the authenticity of this info cannot be proofed, and thus it is a rumor, and should be taken with a “yuge” pint of salt.

Russian site Worket claims to have exclusive information about Nokia P1, HMD’s upcoming flagship. The specifications of the P1 are:

  • 5.3-inch IGZO screen with 120Hz refresh rate, and Gorilla Glass 5
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • 6GB RAM
  • 128GB and 256GB of internal memory
  • 22.6MP camera with ZEISS optics
  • 3500mAh battery with Quick Charge
  • Ultrasonic side fingerprint reader
  • Android 7.0 Nougat
  • IP55/IP57 water and dust proof
  • Ceramic housing for 256GB version, with a price of 950 dollars
  • Glass enclosure with metal frame for the 128GB version, with a price of 800 dollars

Could this be a legitimate leak about Nokia 8/P1? Maybe, because the source mentions that the device (at least in terms of specifications) was built “on the base” of Sharp Aquos xx3. HMD’s manufacturing partner, Foxconn, also owns Sharp, and back last year some rumors were circulating about Nokia P1, that turned out to be Sharp Aquos P1. The Aquos XX3 features similar specifications like the rumored P1, but with an older processor, and without ZEISS lens.

However, we remain careful about the legitimacy of the above information, because the last info we published about the Nokia 8 was denied by Qualcomm itself. But we need to mention that the above specs are similar to Total Tech’s specs of Nokia 8, with slight differences in screen size, camera etc.

This is also the third (First here, second here) time a leak mentions Snapdragon 835 and 6GB RAM as the main specifications of Nokia’s flagship, and the second time MWC was mentioned as the announcement place. Also, this rumor mentions ZEISS optics – we heard before several times that the upcoming Nokia Devices could feature ZEISS optics.

Thanks Великий Гик for the tip.

  • PNHD

    The part about it being based on the Sharp phone is bullshit

    • God help them if it will look like a Sharp

      • Ha ha, right. I think it will be based on Sharp phone regarding the specifications, not the looks. Otherwise, God help them 🙂

        • PNHD

          Yeah but those are specifications that a lot of phones have. It’s not a valid point. I hope it’s an original design, through and through, otherwise they will botch their return, tarnish the brand

          • Exactly my point, this leak doesn’t reveal much but is a good guidance for us fans on how the specs are going to be. Design needs to be original, and screen bigger to make and loud entrance.

    • Yes, I also think so, and the 5.35 inch screen is also kind of suspicious. Everything else could be true.

  • Rce

    Igzo screen in a mobile and style like Sharp and price at $800,god bless!!!! -_-