HMD launching a phone tomorrow?!

It appears that HMD is planning on doing something tomorrow, maybe an announcement of a new phone. The news surfaced on HMD’s Discord channel (or however a Discord group is referred to) from an HMD employee or Discord handler named JesusHMD in a message that doesn’t reveal much.

There is no information on what is coming; it might be a 5G version of the Nokia 3310 seen on their announcement video or perhaps some entry-level smartphone from Nokia or HMD.

This is from HMD on Twitter, sorry X, just a few moments after the announcement.

EUIPO still has two spots uncovered for Nokia phones, so at least two phones are expected. HMD might even launch some older Nokia device which they are rebranding to HMD, like Nokia T21 tablet… The info leakage is pretty low.

JesusHMD also mentioned why there is no HMD name under the exhibitors list on MWC2024. The reason is that they plan to present themselves in a different way. I am not sure in what other way they could be coming, perhaps as a European manufacturer group alongside Fairphone or in some other manner. The only thing I hope for them now is to secure a better spot than the one they had last year.

EUIPO protected Nokia designs

Man, I still find this Discord confusing.

Discord | EUIPO

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