Nokia Mobile is dead. Long live!

Dear Nokiamobsters! The time has come. HMD, owner of the Nokia Mobile brand, has pulled the plug. We hoped it wouldn’t happen for two more years, until the expiration of their deal with Nokia itself, but here we are. You could also witness our earlier concerns about the future of the Nokia Mobile brand, but it seems that not only we were right, but HMD even overtook our predictions.

Sadly, in eight years HMD hasn’t managed to take advantage of the once-famous Nokia brand name, and now when the water comes to their throat, they are trying to control the damage.

We still have good wishes for HMD with their plans for the future of their brand, although, we’re skeptical about the possible success, for the simple reason – the market is oversaturated. Even greater names like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and many others struggle to take a small piece of the world market profit made by selling cell phones, where Apple has been grabbing the most of it for years.

Nevertheless, this site is not going anywhere, and it’s here to stay. Furthermore, we have plans to expand it by adding more content, mostly about other phone brands, applications, and other related stuff. So we hope you, our readers, will continue to follow us. At some point in the near future, it will be necessary to change the domain name for obvious reasons. We are still not sure about the name, but whatever we manage to catch, all posts will remain untouched, with a possible redirection to the new domain.

That being said, in the next few days, expect a new start, which will be recognizable by more content on our site. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we will abandon covering Nokia and HMD as we did before. Neither Nokia nor HMD can destroy our will to keep on like they disgraced their own names.