Reddit sums up Nokia world of 2023

News about Nokia is scarce in 2023, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been any interesting developments. Upon checking Reddit, I found that the algorithm managing the r/Nokia community has compiled a recap for the year 2023. The recap includes the most voted posts, photos, comments, and more.

Interestingly, over 200K people have visited this community on Reddit, which is fewer than what Nokiamob sees every month but likely more than Nokia’s Discord community.

The most highly voted post is titled ‘What They Have Done,’ focusing on Nokia’s comprehensive redesign of their public image, brands, and business strategy.”


These are the top three posts:

The weird Nokia collection. This is a cool collection!

My weird collection of Nokia – when phones were fun
byu/nickshulhin inNokia


Living a life 10 years behind was second, but is the best for me :). Man, this was a dream back then, a Nokia N9 and a Pebble watch. What a combo.

Living about 10 years behind
byu/patrickngo2104 inNokia


The change of the Nokia logo was third. Still hurts 🙂

New Logo revealed
byu/lshaped210 inNokia


The most-voted comment is both funny and sad. I’d love to get my hands on the Nokia 14 pro max feature phone 🙂

Can somebody help me identify this Nokia?
byu/purplemedved inNokia

Check the recap here. What was your “Nokia moment of 2023” that you’ll remember?