Nokia Community moving to Discord

I rarely use the My Phone app, but sometimes it can be a useful tool to check device health or run quick tests during checkups. However, there are many other apps like Device Info or Physics Tool that can provide the same, and even more, information about the devices I use.

Today, I opened it to check a tip about the Nokia Community moving to Discord, which is an instant messaging and VoIP social platform. The first message you see when you visit the community section of the app is as follows:

“We’re in the process of relocating our Nokia phones community forum to Discord before the end of September 2023. Our goal is to engage with you, our community, in the online spaces you prefer, fostering discussions and debates on topics that matter to you. We invite you to join us on Discord for exciting updates and lively discussions.”

I clicked on a link, and a message popped up inviting me to join the Nokia Community on Discord. Interestingly, the server icon features the new HMD logo, suggesting a connection with JesusHMD.

I was initially skeptical about all of this, but the same message is visible if you access the Nokia Community via a web browser.

So, the whole story seems legitimate. I personally don’t use Discord because I believe there are already enough chat platforms in the world. However, this platform might be more efficient and cost-effective for HMD to maintain. I’ll just conclude by saying that keeping the Nokia Community open is better than shutting it down.

Nokia Community was last reviewed in 2018, and it’s still with us. However, by the end of September, you’ll be able to share your thoughts, ideas, and just about everything related to Nokia phones on the Discord Nokia Community. Remember, be polite, because Jesus is watching!


Thanks Luke for the tip 😉