Nokia Mobile created beautiful prototypes in record time for No Time To Die

The latest James Bond movie No Time To Die finally had its cinema premiere, and if you saw the movie – spoiler alert – you probably spotted quite a few Nokia phones. Apart from real devices, the crew also used bespoke dummies/prototypes Nokia Mobile’s designers created.

As one of them, Richard Choi, shared on LinkedIn, he and Nokia Mobile’s head of design Raun Forsyth in record time had to deliver the James Bond phone. As it can be seen on the shared image, the phone follows the standard Nokia Mobile design principles, and look really elegant. I can see two different devices on the image – on the right one looking a bit like the Nokia 3.4 with a camera ring, and the other that can be seen on more photos on the collage featuring bigger cameras and flash.

I wouldn’t mind a flagship device looking like the Bond dummy. Tell us your thoughts in the comments down below. 🙂