Nokia Coin: The future begins NOW! UPDATE!


So I reached out to Nokia and received a clear response to let the world know that Nokia as a company is in no way associated with NokiaCoin, as stated by Nokia’s spokesperson. The NokiaCoin is clearly another attempt to better position another cryptocurrency by tying it to Nokia, and I recommend you all to check what you want to spend your money on. Cryptocurrency is not as regulated as stocks for example and the risk of losing your investment is high.

By the way, the page has been taken out, which means that Nokia cares about who is using its name and for what purposes. Trust me, Nokiamob would be long gone if kind Nokia folks haven’t allowed us to use it 11 years ago.


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I am not that deep into digital currencies, but I know the basics and I trade some of them without making a profit. Most of the time I just make losses. However, I was sure that there is no universally recognised or official digital currency associated with Nokia Corporation. But the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain is constantly evolving, with new projects and tokens being created regularly. Now, a new digital currency “NokiaCoin” has emerged on 27 August 2023, and according to social media, it seems to be backed by Nokia Corporation.


Nokia Coin telegram account is pretty active! There is a Twitter account also.

There is even a dedicated website that introduces the world’s first VR Multiverse Exchange and invites us to join the fastest and most decentralised ecosystem. The site also explains that Nokia Coin is a decentralised layer 1 blockchain POA,POS, POB with a speed of 200k transactions per second

Then again there are some mentions of elves and DEX…. It seems you can connect your metamask to Nokia CoinChain RPC’s and join their DEX where you can stake, trade or farm your favourite tokens built on $NOKIA. Cheap Fast Safe!


I am not sure what Nokia Coin has to do with elves, and at this stage I’m afraid to ask. Apparently, Nokia Coin lets you explore the wonderful Forest of Elves, which is filled with lots of great rewards. Satisfy your thirst for magic! Traverse the forest and take part in airdrops from our Dapps, collect NFTs and much more.

Check the Nokia NFT, man.

It seems Nokia Coin could make trading fun. We are building the world’s first virtual reality exchange.

Partners are well-known names in the cryptocurrency world like Pioneer, Binance Smart Chain, NFT Trade, Sphynx Labs, Ave DEX, Cradle Of Sins, Nabox Wallet, OK Chain, UFin, MEXC Global, DigiFinex, Bkex, Ample Swap, Mr Whale, Volt Inu, Elvish / Noble Friend.

I know NokiaCoin is still not available for trading via Revolut, but if you have a Binance account you can check there.


Whoever founded Nokia Coin, he said Nokia Coin diminutive means Wise Friend. Nokia Coin is characterised by nobility and true friendship. The creator, hopefully some crypto people in the Nokia building, believe that Nokia Coin has the ability to bring people together and lead them on a path of harmonious and successful achievement. “It is a spiritual belief that destiny is written in a person’s name” Novaer mellon!

I will get in touch with them as soon as possible to get more information. The whole thing looks crazy to me, he he.

By the way, I just saw a Nokia AI (click the link to check it) that seems to be the first product of the Nokia Coin project. Listen to this…

Oh man, it all looks fishy, ha ha.

I don’t know what to say, or write any more. I’m a bit overwhelmed. Is there any experienced cryptocurrency trader here who can share some deep insights about Nokia Coin?