Fake #Nokia 3310 (2017) spotted in the wild. Don’t fall for it…

As VTechgraphy reports, after a little more than a month from the official announcement of the new Nokia 3310, fake Nokia 3310s, or better to say 3310’s clones are already out on the market. They look similar to the original one, that’s not on sale yet; apart from the branding above the screen, that is not Nokia, but something other, in this case “S—Mobile”.

Down below you can find some tips for spotting the 3310’s clones posted by an Malaysian reseller called Infotech Trading on Facebook:

  • Look for the original Nokia logo above the screen and back
  • Retailer’s hologram stickers on the phone’s box (e.g. Avaxx in Malaysia)
  • Check the battery. It has to be BL-4UL 1200mAh 3.7V 4.4Wh.
  • All brandings on the box must be correct (not 331, or similar)
  • Original warranty
Original 3310 battery

In short, clones can be easily spotted when you feel the device in your hand. If it doesn’t feel like a Nokia, and there are some typos on the box and the phone, it ain’t a Nokia. Be careful, and buy things by legit retailers that you trust. If you have any doubts if your device is a clone, contact your local Nokia/HMD support or check for online support, even here at NokiaMob we have a whole support page for such discussions.

And finally, the 3310 is not on sale yet. HMD announced that the 3310 (2017) and the new Nokia smartphones will go on sale this quarter in Europe, Africa, Middle East, India and APAC region. The 3310 (2017) should cost about €49.

Source: InfoTech Trading

Via: VTechgraphy