Video: Nokia X71 disassembly

PBKreviews uploaded the disassembly of the new Nokia X71 on their YouTube channel. The video shows how to remove the backside, battery, camera(s), and what to do to remove the display. The video is around 8 minutes long and nicely shows the internals of the device. Take a look down below.


Nokia Mobile did a good job in projecting the X71. The device seems very easy to disassemble. They didn’t use much glue on the backpanel, which is great and inside it is pretty straightforward to remove the battery and other parts as well. This time I also noticed more tapes protecting connectors.

Overall, it looks like a well-made device from the inside and is attractive from the outside. It brings a lot of new features to the Nokia range of devices, like a punch-hole display, 48MP camera, wide-angle camera, power button LED, etc. Hopefully it will soon be available in more markets than China and Taiwan.