History of Android updates for Nokia phones

Nokia G50 – Android 13

I stumbled across an interesting tweet or X message containing information about Android updates for all Nokia smartphones. The creator of the X (or tweet) Andy has summarised the history of Nokia Mobile phones that are eligible for Android updates, which is of course 2017, as this doesn’t include the 2014 X series.


In the same tweet, Andy explained that fewer devices are receiving updates (or perhaps the pace of update release is slowing down) and the reason for this is the greater attention being paid to the Nokia C-series, which isn’t receiving Android updates as often or at all. Well, that’s partly true, as the C32 is running Android 13 and could get an update, but the problem isn’t the focus on the C-series, but the slow release of updates for more valuable models.

The Nokia XR21, for example, only recently received the update, and this is the most expensive device Nokia Mobile offers. Also, Android 13 is still not available for the Nokia T20 tablet, the first tablet after the Nokia N1 and a pretty good one if you ask me.

However, the number of devices Nokia Mobile has launched is staggering. With every major Android update, Nokia Mobile has had to release around 20 updates, not to mention build updates and security patches. This is the reason why the updates are slow and don’t come at the pace we expect.

Now that all updates are released at a reasonable time, some bring bugs that need to be fixed as soon as possible. When that happens with a better model, you can expect users to be a little bit disappointed.

Nokia Mobile definitely cannot take care of the software themselves, which means that other companies do it for them. This is a well-functioning process when a company doesn’t release 15 smartphones and their versions every year.

I miss the days of Nokia 3, 5, 6 and 8 and still think that was the best business plan. I also understand the business of the C, G and X series thing, but too many devices are being launched, resulting in updates from OS coming too late.

However, things are looking better now that there aren’t so many Nokia devices waiting for the latest version OS. What worries me, however, is the absence of X-series devices in the Android 14 Beta program (or I missed something), which suggests that Nokia devices won’t be among the first to get the next update. Maybe I’m wrong, or maybe I’m being proved wrong, aren’t I, Nokia Mobile?