Nokia T10 Kids Edition finally gets launched for €189

Can you explain the phrase ‘better late than never’? Nokia Mobile raised its hand first and answers with the Nokia T10 Kids Edition, which is finally available today. I always say that it’s better to do something late than not do it at all, but doing something on time is priceless, especially knowing that this tablet was announced in July 2022.

Anyways, this tablet is ideal for all parents who want to experience some peace and quiet with their children during summer vacations. This tablet is very reasonably priced at €149, but it is currently available in a bundle set for just under 10% off! The tablet is also available in the EU at a discounted price of € 189.00. You can get it in the Ocean Blue version, but the protective case can offer it a bit more colour since it is coming inOrange and Red, Yellow and Cyan or Green and Cyan

The ultra-portable case comes in three bright colours and makes the tablet easy to carry, hold, and play with for the littlest ones in the family, so parents can hope the tablet can withstand bumps. With Google Kids Space built in, parents can set up numerous safety controls. This way, kids can safely surf the web and play their favourite games.

The highlights of the tablet are the long battery life thanks to the 5250 mAh battery, which should easily power the 8-inch 800 x 1280 pixel screen and stereo speakers with integrated OZO audio software. In addition, the Nokia T10 has an integrated headphone jack so you can sit back and relax. The device is also IPX2 waterproof, which means that the T10 can withstand water hitting the device at an angle of 15° or less.

Now, for the pricing and availability  , we only received the info for the UK, but as I mentioned before, the tablet is available in the EU too.

  • Nokia T10 Kids Edition bundle (which includes the Nokia T10 kids cover) is available now in the UK for £149.
  • Nokia T10 Kids Cover is available in Orange and Red, Yellow and Cyan or Green and Cyan and can be purchased separately for £29.90.

I must say that this protective case looks pretty sturdy and should protect the tablet from any mishaps while the kids test its durability. Besides, it looks like fun!