Nokia Mobile released kernel source code for Nokia 3.1 A and Nokia 3.1 C

Nokia Mobile updated once again their pages dedicated to the releases of the source codes for their Android smartphones. This time there are some visible changes to the list of the released kernel sources. Two new phones were added to the list, Nokia 3.1 A which is exclusive for US carrier At&t, and Nokia 3.1 C which is exclusive for the At&t’s subsidiary Cricket Wireless. If those files mean anything to you, good thing is that you can easily download them to your computer.

So, the list is slowly being refreshed, but a lot of phones are still missing, and new phones are coming fast. We should be seeing kernel being released for Nokia 3.2, 4.2, 2.2, 2.3, the Chinese Nokia smartphones, and maybe even KaiOS running phones (8110 4G, 2720 Flip and 800 Tough). Do fill the list up in the comments if I skipped a model or two.

Check the released source codes here.