Nokia X30 received new Android 13 Build update

Nokia X30 also joined the group of Nokia devices that recently got new updates. However, X30 received a new Android 13 Build which is not available for devices with similar hardware, Nokia G60 5G and Nokia XR21.

Here are the details of the update:

  • Nokia X30: Android 13 Build | V2.300 | 104 MB | May security Patch | available globally

It is good to see that the update is available globally since my X30 used to get recent updates with a month or two-long delay. Strangely, this build came with a May security patch which came a long time ago. While downloading was relatively quick, the installation process, including optimising the device, took a while.

I haven’t noticed any new changes. The camera 2.0 app was bumped from version 98.13.41002.20 to version 98.13.41902.10 which looks like a slight update and that is great since the camera is the only part that needs to be improved on X30. Also, 5G drains the battery like crazy, although that can be caused by the operator network setup.

Anyways, I haven’t noticed anything new there. There is also a slight noise when using HDR or general settings in low-light photos. Selfie shots look great.

Go to Settings > System > System Update > Check for updates and install the latest security patch. Funnily, Nokia XR21 is still running Android 12 on the March patch.

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