Nokia 7.3 introduction video by Concept Creator

The first renders of the Nokia 7.3 leaked by IPeeWord showed us how the hero of the upper midrange class could look like. But, renders can’t present Nokia 7.3 as good as the video, and Concept Creator comes once again to help us visualize the device many are expecting impatiently. I need to stress out that this is a concept, and that the actual product will probably look different than the one seen on the video.

Anyway, I like the effort Concept Creator gives to little details that we can see in the video. I like how he did the transitions from display to the aluminum body, or the under the glass effects that will give a special finish to the back of the device. I don’t think that Nokia Mobile will use that kind of texture, but we’ll see. Do check out the video, and tell us how do you like it.