Find out the end of life for your device

If you’d like to find out more about the warranty of your Nokia device, you can check the My Phone app and find that specific info, and some more. But, if you do not use that app, you can head to web page, which is cleverly designed(programmed) in GitHub. The app collects end-of-life dates for various manufacturers and there are also links that lead you to the product website.

For example, the end of life for Nokia 8.3 5G is expected in 4 months when the official support will stop. Also, the support for Nokia G22 ends in 2 years and 9 months (01 Apr 2026), but it is good to know that Nokia Mobile will keep the spare parts available for 5 years, so two years after the device is no longer supported by software updates.

There is also s JSON version of this page available at /api/nokia.json. Also, check the API Documentation for more information.

Neat! Maybe I lived under the rock as I found about this page just recently, but I find it cool. It is also a nice tool for comparing the “endlifes” between manufacturers too :).