Discounts for Nokia 9 not going as planned in Russia

Nokia Mobile announced rather awkwardly that Nokia 9 won’t be getting Android 11 due to major software instabilities with the camera. According to them, Nokia 9 PureView camera wouldn’t perform well with the latest OS update which is the main reason for the decision to halt the update. To smoothen the PR mess created, Nokia Mobile offered a 50% discount to all of the Nokia 9 PureView owners for some of the latest X series Nokia phones so they could experience what Android 11 is offering, and what will Android 12 be bringing.

This offer started a fire on social networks and some more prominent owners of Nokia 9 PureView like Tech Altair rightfully claimed that a discount can’t be the right compensation for a fully paid flagship phone with promised two years of update. The return of, let’s say, a third of the invested sum would be more correct or a 50% discount of a proper affordable flagship.

But, since Nokia 9 PureView wasn’t working well on Android 10, some owners wanted to use the discount and get XR20 or X20 instead. After they entered IMEI of their Nokia 9 PureView they were surprised with a discounted price of XR20 which was actually the full price of that device. One reader has sent us a screenshot of the discount he got, and you can see the discounted price being the same as the full price of the Nokia XR20.

I am not sure if this is an error in the script of the official Nokia website in Russia or Nokia Mobile isn’t offering the discount in the Russian market. People are already complaining on forum about the discount not being available, and Nokia Mobile did reply to contact the official store. But, if it turns out this is a practice in Russia, then Nokia Mobile should change whoever is doing their PR since this could be another blow to the brand. A mistake can happen, but how you deal with it after is what defines you as a person, company, PR agency, a business…

Anyone outside Russia tried to get a 50% discount on their Nokia 9 Pureview? Please share with us how the process went for you and what model you chose?


Thanks Alexandr for the tip and screenshot!