Nokia 8.3 experiencing some issues after update

I wasn’t a fan of a super large Nokia 8.3 at the very beginning of its existence in the market, but I completely changed my opinion later. Looking back at that device now, I find it to be rather well-designed although it is a bit large device. However, Nokia 8.3 is slowly turning into a legend since it is already a three-year-old device.

Anyways, if you are still using the device, you might check this out. Apparently, there is an issue with the device becoming stuck in a recovery menu. According to Hikari Calyx, some users suddenly received an OS update, and after reboot the phone gets stuck in the Fastboot screen. Hikari said that unlocking the bootloader will fix this issue. Since recovery can be still entered, the only thing you have to do is to follow the bootloader unlock guide on XDA developers.

In case you already have unlocked the bootloader, you should be able to boot into OS. There you should be able to see what is the latest update, and it seems that May 2023 Security Patch could be causing the issue.

Have you experienced this issue on your 8.3 5G? Mine works just fine.


Via Reddit