Nokia C300 and Nokia C110’s source code portions go live before launch

Nokia C300 and Nokia C110

Nokia Mobile is due to launch at least three smartphones, namely, Nokia G310 5G, Nokia C300, and Nokia C110, specifically in the US. A few days ago, the Nokia C300 leaked in every possible way and was available to purchase on Walmart via a verified seller (BREED) for $139.98, with May 10 as the shipping date. However, it seemed that Nokia Mobile took some action as soon enough, the device appeared out of stock, and now the product page has been removed.

Interestingly, Nokia Mobile seems to have no problem releasing the parts of the source code of the yet-to-launch Nokia C300 and Nokia C110 on the official site. The source code portions licensed under GNU’s GPL (General Public License), LGPL (Lesser GPL), or any other open-source licenses require to be posted to the public by the companies. The web page, named ‘Open source‘ that Nokia Mobile uses on its website to release the code, was updated last on May 9, 2023.

Among this year’s global devices, the Nokia XR21 and Nokia C12 are also on the list, with links to download the first public version of their source code portions.

Click here to check the specifications and the image gallery of the Nokia C300 and Nokia C110.

Code Download Links: Nokia C300 (V1.030) and Nokia C110 (V1.010)