Meet new Nokia 106 along regular 105 and 110

Nokia 106 (2023)

Nokia Mobile has quietly announced several new phones, namely a new one and two variants of already launched devices. The new one is the Nokia 106, which offers everything the Nokia 105 (2023) has, plus a few extras. These extras are a music player and a Snake game, which the Nokia 105 (2023) apparently does not have.

Newly announced featurephones!

So, with the Nokia 105 you can make calls, listen to the wireless radio FM and use it as a flashlight. The Nokia 106 (2023) gives you an MP3 player along with FM radio, Snake and flashlight, and you still get 22 days of standby on a single charge and 12 hours of calls. To use the MP3 player you need to buy a micro SD card, which is an additional cost, but at least this device has something that most modern phones are slowly losing :).The Nokia 106 is available in three colours, red, cyan and black, and it looks good in them.

Nokia 105 (2023)



The Nokia 106 is a 2G phone, as are the Nokia 105 (2023) and Nokia 110 (2023), which have also been announced. The Nokia 110 (2023) also has a 4G variant that was announced earlier, but this one has the same specs except 2G connectivity, which should make it more affordable.

Pricing for all three phones is not yet known, nor is availability information. I will update this post as soon as I get that information from Nokia Mobile.

Pro versions of 110 4G and 105 4G are coming (BT SIG)

Also, do not be surprised if the 4G version of the Nokia 106 hits the market soon, as the website BT SIG has just issued certificates for that phone as well. Apparently, the Pro versions of the Nokia 110 4G and Nokia 105 4G will also be launched. We still do not know what the Pro variants will come with, but I assume it will be additional storage, like the C12.

Nokia 110 (2023)

One of these phones could be ideal as an emergency phone which you can keep in your car, or backpack when heading to the mountains or somewhere in the wilderness. I think I’m getting myself a 4G or a regular version of the Nokia 105.


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