Video: Nokia 9 Pureview has cool editing effects for the Bokeh images

While playing with the Nokia 9 Pureview camera app, good guy Oliver from Zeiss was kind to show us some editing options embedded in the official camera app. It seems that the list of editing options or effects was expanded later on, or those came with the release software. Anyway, there are three (or four) cool effects that can be applied to the Bokeh photos taken with the Nokia 9 Pureview cameras. The effects are Living images, Parallax, Dehaze, and Contour. All the effects, except the Contour, are demonstrated in the short video created by Laura I (in Spanish) that you can check below.

So, the effects are the part of a Photo Editor app that can be found inside Google’s Photos app. The Living Images effect creates the live image of focus points changes from the front towards the back of the photographed object. Parallax effect makes the focused object move towards you (which is cool), and Dehaze effect eliminates the haze of the background to make the image clear. The Contour effect wasn’t demonstrated in the video, so maybe it can’t be applied to the images taken in the Bokeh mode.

Could any proud owner of the 9 Pureview be kind and confirm if those effects are present on their phone? Thanks :).

Thanks Brahmaster fpr the tip! 🙂