How to refurbish Nokia N95 8GB

The Nokia G22 and its repairability reminded me of the good old days when it was normal to completely disassemble your phone to replace a few parts or make it flip or slide. The first modification I ever made to a phone was to replace the covers for the Nokia 3310 (it might as well be the 3210). Later I remembered ordering smaller aluminium antennas for the Motorola V525, and later I got a set of Torx screws to take apart the Nokia N70, N95, etc.

I have a broken Nokia N95 8GB at home that I dropped in the ocean, and a big wish was to be able to repair it. I definitely need a replacement Nokia N95, and also a good video tutorial on how to do it. I just stumbled across a great video that shows how a guy turns two devices into a fully functional refurbished Nokia N95 8GB. The video is definitely a must-watch for anyone who has ever owned a Nokia N95. It’s also a nice relaxing video if you stayed home tonight.


Not a day goes by that I do not wish I could get a modern version of this beautiful phone. HMD Global was actually planning to launch a modern Nokia N95, which Mr. Mobile tested, but that was a gigantic phone that would probably be a flop in the market. I would like to see this phone format reintroduced but with a larger (AMOLED) screen and a powerful camera. Man, that would be a hit.

Check the Nokia N95 prototype in the post below, or do check the take of our Mr. Nokia on the Nokia N95 8GB.

Latest Mr. Mobile video reveals the prototype of a modern Nokia N95 remake