Android 13 is available for Nokia G60 5G

This is a logical step: to release Android 13 for the devices that basically have the same base hardware. After Android 13 for the Nokia X30 5G, Nokia Mobile also released a big OS update for the Nokia G60.

The updates are available in major markets in the EU like Finland, but some models are still not getting them. Both devices I have at home still do not show the updates, but that will change in the next few days or weeks, as it already has.

The update for the G60 5G is called V2.260 and is 2.44 gigabytes in size. As you probably know, Android 13 brings some new features, such as a slightly redesigned UI and icons, locked folders, and a new camera feature in the Camera 2.0 app called Flash Capture. With this option, you can take better pictures of fast-moving objects, but take the shots in a well-lit environment.

So go to Settings > System > System Update > Check for updates and install Android 13.

Source Suomimobiili

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