Buy a Nokia X or G smartphone and help Nokia plant trees

Nokia Mobile teamed up with Ecologi, which is an organization that has a goal of reducing the carbon imprint of our civilization. They are doing that through various projects and actions, but with Nokia Mobile, they are planning of reducing the carbon by planting trees.

 The whole job works like this. If you purchase a new Nokia X20, Ecologi will plant 20 trees, and if you buy a Nokia G10 or Nokia G20, you will be planting 10 new trees. When you have your new Nokia device, click the Plant your trees button at the link and fill in your details, including the device’s IMEI number. After that, you’ll see just how many trees you’ve planted and how many we’ve planted together. So far Nokia has planted 90 trees.

If you are not considering getting a new X20 or G series Nokia phone then you can donate a sum and help Nokia achieve a noble plan of reducing the carbon in the atmosphere. Nokia will be helping to reforest in Changalane, Mozambique, and planting mangroves in Madagascar.

Nokia has always been taking good care of the environment and the latest networking hardware is doing that through energy-efficient antennas and software. Nokia Mobile is doing the same with Nokia phones by leaving the chargers out of the box in selected markets and by sharing compostable cases for X20. It would be also nice to make the phone box smaller and maybe stop printing or packing, so many quick guides and warranty papers in the boxes. 

Anyways, do check their page and help if you can. Also, remember that when you breathe in, the oxygen in that breath comes from the trees, and every second breath you take has oxygen released by marine autotrophic bacteria and phytoplankton.

Cheers Thomas for bringing this up to our attention!