Xiaomi mi Band 8 ready to be announced

Nokia, unfortunately, never had a smartwatch or wristband, if we don’t count the Nokia Steel HR that was available for a short time. Moonraker was close, and even a pill-shaped band by Nokia Mobile, but those products never saw the light of day. Fortunately for us, there are many manufacturers making good smart wearables, and some of them are also very affordable. My first encounter with a smart wearable was the mi Band 2, which showed me basic health parameters and could notify me of calls and messages without having to set my phone to ring.

The mi Band has evolved over the years and the current mi Band 7 is a great and affordable wearable that can give you various health-related data like steps, HR, blood oxygen level and sleep quality. It also offers other features like time and date, alarms, stopwatch and timer, and it is waterproof up to 50 meters.

Now Xiaomi is ready to announce the eighth version of mi Band tracker, and it brings some big changes. On April 18, the Chinese version will be announced and according to the published press reports, the new mi Band 8 will be able to be worn as a pendant, a fashion accessory and a regular watch.

The biggest change is perhaps the weakest and probably the most recognisable part, the band itself. Xiaomi plans to do away with the silicone band, which usually breaks in the first few weeks of use. Users will now receive a two-piece band, though the suspension mechanism isn’t yet known. All other details are also not yet known, but I believe that the 1.6-inch AMOLED screen will still be present, as well as all other options that are already available on the mi Band 7. Chinese version will most likely come with NFC, while the global one will lack this feature, which could bring contactless payment to this super affordable product. Also, I hope that Xiaomi will keep the price close to 40€.

Do you perhaps use mi Bands, or do you prefer a wearable that looks like a watch?